First Things First… Magazine Research! Week 1-2

I have a magazine project which I have currently been working on in my first 2 weeks, I have been looking at double page spreads and drawing in the lines as if they were guides. I found that it became quite repetitive and a pattern arose as you can see from the examples below;

This double page spread is from ‘More’ magazine, you can see on both pages they have 5 columns of equal sizes. When you initially look at a magazine as a reader you don’t see the importance of guides and how they help build the pages together, when you look at the pages through a designers eye this is when it comes to life. When I started drawing out my guides I didn’t quite see the pattern that was occurring, even though there are 5 columns on each page they haven’t used each column for text. You can see on the left page the photos take up 3 columns which over lap on the column in the center  but on right page it is different. I’ve never took any notice of the way magazine pages are divided up and found this very interesting because these guides play such a major role in magazine design and I would imagine not many readers think twice about them! Although through previous experiences I notice when in my opinion something has an awful layout I never tend to comment when the layout works because when I buy a magazine I have expectations. Single pages and double page spreads like the example above have slightly more options to change the layout of the page where as below I have an example of a double page spread which is a Horoscopes page;

This example is again from the ‘More’ magazine but in my opinion has far more structure because it HAS to. As this needs to be readable and the different star signs need to flow correctly the structure is slightly different. There are only 3 columns on each page vertically but horizontally the sections are gridded up differently because each star sign is all aligned and in the same place on both sides. The columns vertically are keeping the text that matches the star sign all aligned and evenly together, by looking at this double page spread which in my opinion is very well structured makes me look straight through the content. I feel as if I’m looking at the magazine and ignoring what is written which I’ve never done before, looking at these guides and the way they are set out means they have different page templates so they can be flexible depending on the content.

This double page spread is from my mums cooking magazine ‘Easy cook’;

In our first lesson we had a look at Adobe InDesign and were given some basic tutorials on how to set up a magazine, I’ve made some print screens to show what I had learnt;

This print screen above is the preset settings when you go to start a new project. (will print screen what it should look like shortly) After all the settings have been changed the page will open like this;

You can see the guides in the purple and pink colours in the right screen on the left. We also learnt how to add pages which seemed really easy! The print screen on the left shows the pages and you simply drag the page down from A-Master and place the page where you want it.

Also in our first lesson we went through a really quick timeline of magazines and I took some notes in lesson and thought I would write them up on my blog! We started right back in the 1700’s when magazines were first published,

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