Time Table!

I haven’t posted for a while as most of work has been drawings but also because I’ve been panicking about getting all my work done on time! I have work 3 nights a week and work at the weekends and I am finding it really hard to fit everything in. I had a tutorial with my tutor Chris and explained my problems and to resolve them he suggested drawing out a time-table of my week and seeing when my free time is. I drew out my time-table and the next day went through it with Chris, I found this did help and I realised I needed to make the most of my time and be practical in the right free space.

I used Excel just to quickly make up a template of a timetable, here it is;

Here is this weeks timetable as such with the projects I want to concentrate on;


Packaging project;

  1.  Have designs made on Illustrator
  2. Pick which design works best
  3. Draw out packaging designs for the bottles (the nets)
  4. Start designing the packaging for the bottle on Illustrator

Magazine project;

  1. Write brief up on blog
  2. Start looking into the magazines
  3. Place on blog and write-up

Poster Project;

  1. Scan in ideas to blog
  2. Start drawing ideas/experimenting (put ideas on paper)
  3. Write up work on blog

Feeling positive to the start of next week! I really hope this works! 🙂 *fingers crossed*


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