Poster week 6

Here are my drawings of ideas (need to scan in)

Poster ideas for the story line in a brief form;

Idea 1:
Rita is going to be a dog who helps people who are blind and the story will be how she helps to save a ladies life. The lady that is blind will be called Emily and she was partially sighted when she picked out her dog Rita. She became blind sadly through a car accident and now needs a guide dog to help her through day-to-day life. Rita becomes her best friend and as she heavily relies on her to help through the house and go out and about they spend all day together every day. Emily takes Rita for a walk in the woods on a lovely summers day to get some fresh air but disaster strikes. Emily suddenly becomes out of breath and collapses in the woods with no one around to help her. Rita takes it upon herself to get help, she barks as loud as she can for a constant 10 minutes but no one can hear her. Finally she leaves Emily and frantically runs out of the woods to get help. As Rita gets help she finds a young couple having a leisurely stroll, they don’t understand why this dog is constantly barking at them as if to tell them something. Rita barks and tries to guide them to Emily and after some few minutes the couple follow Rita back into the woods. They come across a lady in the path collapsed and immediately understand why Rita ran to get help. They try to help Emily but she gives no response, they call an ambulance from there mobile and help is on its way. Rita saved Emily.
Idea 2:
 An every day man called George who keeps himself to himself and gets on with life without causing any trouble gets set up by a gang and unfortunately is mistaken for committing a murder. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. George gets taken into prison as the witness’s said they saw him do it, when actually he was the one who tried to save this young man. When the police turned up he was covered in blood and the knife had his finger prints all over it, so all the evidence lead to him. This story hit the tabloids in his little town in Suffolk and a lady called Rita couldn’t believe her eyes when she had read the paper! She had seen what had happened but the members of the gang threatened her not to say anything and if she did then she would be the next one dead. One of the main reasons Rita remembers this man was because he caught her eye as she passed him in the street not only was he extremely good-looking and well dressed but she remembers his aftershave lingering around her. After some serious thinking Rita decides to go to the police and tell them what she saw because she refuses to let this poor man suffer, if he isn’t cleared of this murder he may get the death sentence. Rita comes forward and explains to the police how she was threatened by the group of young men from a gang and gives the police very good descriptions of what they look like. She visits George in prison and explains who she is, what she saw and how she plans to get him out and save him. There is a battle between her statement as it doesn’t stand strong, just one persons word but the police keep pushing and try to track down the gang as there wanted for other criminal offences. So the fight is on for Rita to help George prove his innocence.
Idea 3;
 This story line is set in war-time and when the young men had no choice but to be sent to war. David is the main character and he is young a man who has fallen in love with a young girl called Dottie, there madly in love with each other but then there world comes crashing down as David has to be sent to fight. Dottie would make the perfect house wife he mother and grandmother have brought her up well, she knows how to cook, clean, flower arrange and best of all knit clothes which she did on a regular basis. She had previously knitted jumpers for David and also cardigans for herself, her grandmother taught her how to do this. When she found out that David had to be sent to war she was distraught and didn’t know what to, she was scared that she would lose him. The day came that David had to leave, he looked smart in his war clothes and Dottie gave him a little present to keep with him while he was fighting so he could never forget her. She had knitted him a little heart with dyed wool and she told him to keep hold of it and bring her heart back safe and sound and he promised to do so. Dottie never stopped thinking about David and never lost hope he would return, weeks went by, months went and still she hadn’t heard anything. Her whole world had been turned up side down as if a hurricane had hit her life, her mother and grandmother told her to stay strong for David and that no news was good news. Years came and went and still no one had heard anything from David not even his mother and when the war finished Dottie was still there waiting for him but sadly no sign of him. All that was left to do was assume the worst but Dottie never gave in, she never wanted to believe anything had happened to her David. After this she worked hard and got her self a well paid job being a maid at the local Abbey, she worked hard always and earnt her self some money which she saved up to help her mother pay for things they needed. Whilst working at the Abbey she met a young man there who was a servant called George, he dressed extremely smart and she knew he had feelings for her but she couldn’t forget about David. George was a big temptation he seemed perfect so after some persuading by her friends she went out to a dance with him. He was polite, smart and she started to fall for him, but in the back of her mind there was something not quite right about him. They had a lovely night and he walked her home and as he did grabbed her and put his arm around her quite forcefully, Dottie didn’t think twice about it but when she arrived at her door he forced her to kiss him.

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