Time Table 2!

So today is friday! I’m late updating my blog because this afternoon I was doing practical work and drawing out the last of my magazine designs! Thought I could quickly place it all on my blog now! This week has been much better I didn’t complete every task which I set myself last week and completely accept I worked on a my packaging project and magazine project over my poster project. The tasks I set myself were;

Packaging project;

  1.  Have designs made on Illustrator
  2. Pick which design works best
  3. Draw out packaging designs for the bottles (the nets) ✔ (got my net ready just dependant on design)
  4. Start designing the packaging for the bottle on Illustrator

Magazine project;

  1. Write brief up on blog  ✔
  2. Start looking into the magazines ✔ (research/buy magazines)
  3. Place on blog and write-up ✔ (not on blog in a Powerpoint presentation ready to hand in)

Poster Project;

  1. Scan in ideas to blog (on my computer ready to upload)
  2. Start drawing ideas/experimenting (put ideas on paper) ✔
  3. Write up work on blog

I didn’t do to bad, I’m really pleased with my progress this week because I feel like I’m going somewhere finally. I found my self completely suffocated by work and didn’t know which way to turn this timetable is definitely helping! I worked quite a lot on my packaging project this week more than my poster project but that’s because my deadline is approaching so I’m trying to get all my work together for that. Also I was very unrealistic in thinking I could get both bottle designs drawn up on illustrator in 2 days so I’m giving myself some time next week to try to get this designs done. I also drew some poster ideas out but there incomplete so here is my time-table for next week;

As I was unable to go into college on Friday due to a teacher training day I will be going in on monday to use Illustrator to help move my packaging project forward.

My tasks this week are;

Packaging Project;

  1. complete bottle designs this week (both of them)
  2. Get print screens all together to start the writing up process (for the next weeks task)
  3. Start drawing the net out on Illustrator once chosen best design
  4. During the net design process collect images to show this
  5. Write progress on blog next friday

Magazine Project;

  1. Find two buildings to research in detail (could be used as articles for the magazine)
  2. Find the photos for the buildings in brilliant quality
  3. Scan in drawings and finish blog post (last week and this week)

Poster Project;

  1. Complete drawings ideas
  2. Scan all evidence in on the blog
  3. Continue into some research to widen drawing ideas
  4. Complete blog post from last week and this week

Still feeling confident about this week and excited about my projects! Just want to start enjoying them more and getting the most out of them rather than feeling behind and useless. Really excited about my magazine project it’s definitely my passion to publish them can’t wait to start gathering my research altogether and get designing! 😀

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