Magazine project –

Here are some layouts I have been playing around with (need to scan in)


Poster project – What I have been working on the last few weeks

Here are some screen shot of my ideas and the direction my designs are going (need to place in here)

Better late than never!

So here is my work! I’m really happy with the bottles especially my label bottle, I feel that is the strongest out of the two! I’ve done an evaluation of work in my powerpoint which shows the process of how I made the bottles and also I’ve evaluated my work on paper when I handed in my work.

Here you go! My adhesvive label bottle;


My shink wrap bottle!;


Here is the actual shink sleeve pattern;


Here is my packaging for adhesive label bottle which I thought was the strongest;


The quality isn’t the best but you get the idea 🙂

Long time no see!

I haven’t posted on my blog for over a month! So in the next couple of days I shall be uploading all my finished projects and on going work! Everything has been a bit crazy lately and our teachers have swapped around sadly :(, but my projects are going well and progressing encouragingly 🙂

Today I have actually taught myself through some researching how to window mount, I have some work which needs re-printing out but I was very pleased to say the mounting was cut successfully! 😀 Definitely a step in the right direction!

My projects like I have said are coming on well i’m very pleased with my work and I shall get some screen shots up on here in the next couple of days! Some projects have finished and are coming to an end so I will also get the finished pieces up here!

Still need to write up the process of some projects but its all gradually coming together and i’m very excited about the final outcomes 🙂 Enjoy!…